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Having trouble selling your RV? Then we can help; Classic RV will sell it for you, just fill in our consignment form below, and we’ll make arrangements for the consigning of your RV.

One of our key advantages over other lots is that we do not charge anything for you to have your RV at out lot. This means that there are

  • NO storage fees
  • NO percentages
  • NO pick up fees*
  • Expert sales force will sell your RV for you
  • We offer our customers finance and warranty options
  • Our website receives thousands of hits per week – your RV will be well seen
  • Nothing for you to do but sit back and wait for us to call you in to pick up your check

You tell us what you want for your RV and that is what we will aim to get for you.

Why else should you consign your RV to Classic RV?

We have been in business for 20 years, have expert knowledge on RVs, and have an excellent reputation that is known throughout the community.

Furthermore, there are other significant advantages which you will gain an advantage from by using us to sell your RV. We offer our customers:

  • Financing up to 20 years
  • Warranties bumper to bumper up to 4 years

This makes it much more attractive for potential buyers to buy from us compared to a private sale. Our customers get the private sale price, but with the convenience of being able to purchase with ease and peace of mind. If you have an expensive RV, this will doubly benefit you as a private seller will have to wait for a cash buyer to come along; with us, any buyer willing to loan to buy can buy it.

The advantages of consigning with Classic RV are obvious. It will cost you nothing to consign with us, and the chances of a quick, successful sale are much greater. Other reasons include:

  • Our friendly and professional sales staff
  • We take care of all paperwork and bank payoffs
  • No more hassles waiting for potential buyers to show up at your home
  • We show your RV to potential buyers and explain how to operate all systems
  • We have a full service shop so the buyers can count on us to be here after the sale

To consign with us, call one of our friendly staff on 856 358 2121 for more details, or fill in the form below.

* No local pick up fees only. Please call to establish your locality.

Please note, that you must consign with us for a minimum of 30 days, and allow us to exclusively do all advertising on your unit.


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  18. How Did You Hear About Us?
  19. The undersigned agrees to offer for sale for a minimum of 30 days, the unit described below for the asking price stated. Classic RV hereinafter referred to as "Consignee" agrees to offer said unit for sale on their lot until time of sale or removal by Consignor. The Consignee will add their fee to the final amount agreed upon between Consignor and Consignee. Each fee will vary depending on deal negotiated between the buyer and Consignee. In addition, Consignee may, at their discretion, reveal the Consignors and/or the Purchasers name and therefore any future liability will be that of the Buyer. All fees will remain disclosed. It is further understood, that the Consignor will at all times carry insurance on the unit while it is in the custody of the Consignee and/or on the Consignee's property. The Consignee will not be responsible, nor will the Consignor hold the Consignee responsible for any damage that may occur to the unit, or that may not be covered under Consignor's insurance policy. Consignee requests that consignor refrains from all advertising of their unit while the unit is on the consignee's lot. PLEASE NOTE, A COPY OF THE TITLE MUST ACCOMPANY ALL UNITS BEING CONSIGNED.

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